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Operations Research

Telecommunications network modelling and analysis is inherently an application of mathematical techniques from the discipline of operations research.

Consequently, there has been significant demand for our problem solving skills in areas outside of telecommunications, in particular, in optimisation of manufacturing and resource usage processes.

Our clients range from major car makers such as Holden, to road paving companies such as Emoleum, to foam producers such as Dunlop Foams Group. In addition to bringing cost savings to our partners, our skills help them to understand their internal operations and identify opportunities for more efficient production processes and use of capital investment.

The outputs of our work are delivered in many forms, as determined by particular client needs, and range from delivery of complex software systems through to technical reports through to educational courses and seminars.

Some of the skills and techniques we have applied to solving client problems are:

Problem Domains

  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Assembly line scheduling
  • Futures pricing – electrical markets
  • Water flow analysis
  • Real-time control systems

Mathematical Analysis Techniques

  • Advanced statistical techniques
  • Linear, non-linear Programming
  • Integer programming
  • Stochastic dynamic programming
  • Simulation

Technology Transfer Modes

  • Technical reports
  • Requirements specification
  • Software tools and prototypes
  • Consulting
  • Standards representation
  • Education
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