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Our expertise is in the modelling, measurement and management of telecommunications networks.

Modelling, Measurement and Management diagram


Modelling concerns understanding how the components of a system interact and being able to make predictions about the behaviour of the system in different operating environments.


Measurement concerns being able to collect data to monitor the current operational performance of a system, and hence use that data as part of model verification and enhancement.


Management concerns the control of a network, on either short or long time scales and either automatically or manually, and making use of data interpretation and modelling to predict how network behaviour will change as a result of given management action.

Our outputs are delivered in many forms, as determined by partner needs, and range from delivery of complex software systems through to technical reports through to educational courses and seminars.

Some of the skills and techniques we apply to solving client problems and undertaking research are:

Operational Issues

  • Traffic modelling
  • Performance monitoring
  • Congestion / flow / admission control
  • Network dimensioning
  • Switch and network design
  • Quality of Service prediction
  • Survivability and reliability analysis

Analysis Techniques

  • Computer simulation
  • Basic and advanced queueing theory
  • Matrix analytic methods
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Wavelet analysis

Technology Transfer Modes

  • Technical reports
  • Requirements specification
  • Software tools and prototypes
  • Consulting
  • Standards representation
  • Education
Teletraffic Research Centre

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SA 5005 Australia

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